US Senate Candidate Mark Pukita Snubbed By Sleepy Republican Party

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Published on Dec 8, 2021
Delhi Republican Meeting

This was the most appalling local Republican event I have ever attended. I’ve heard Dan Bongino say “There are Republicans who are Democrats - but there are no Democrats who are Republicans” — and then there’s this crowd. Appropriately, it was held at the Delhi Senior Citizens’ Center, there may have been 40 people there (at the most). They were totally unresponsive to an opportunity to interact and ask questions of a Republican candidate for United States Senate, Mark Pukita - you know, so they might be able to make informed decisions when it’s time to vote? They didn’t even care to hear his entire speech. I am embarrassed to call these people my neighbors.

I did have a chance to follow up with Mr. Pukita, who was warned he might not receive the warmest welcome from them. What I observed was a clique which was more concerned about what’s going on in the world super power known as Delhi, and raffles and poinsettias than our nation’s future. Iranian-American Kiumars Kiani - “Q” before Q was cool, was the only person in the audience who recognizes what we are about to lose. A real SNAFU. Situation Normie (you know the rest).

Natalie Cunningham — Bulldog Media

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